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Good news : there are few mosquitoes in Ratanakiri ; in any case, fewer than in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Add to that a fresh breeze in the evening and a cloudless sky, the nights on the plateau are an absolute delight.
On the other hand those few mosquitoes can be dangerous, not in Banlung which is free from malaria, but in the forest. The type of malaria present in the region of Ratanakiri is ‘falciparum’ ; it is not recurrent after treatment . In the rainy season a preventive treatment is recommended to those who contemplate sleeping in the forest. Mosquito-repellents and long-sleeved clothes are also recommended. In case of contamination there is a 21-day incubation period but the disease is treated in three days with Malarine, a drug that is sold in the Cambodian chemists’shops for 2 USD.

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