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Ratanakiri is a mountainous province situated at the north east of Cambodia, it is the best kept secret of the old kingdom.
The population is sparse, mainly composed of tribes such as the Tampouns the Kroeungs the Jaraïs and the Katchas whose culture and way of living have remained practically the same since prehistory. On these plateaus alternate bamboo forests, timber forests, clearings and scrubland. The region has a lot of waterfalls, caves, lakes, and mines of gold and precious stones .
The elephant is a substitute for the lorry and wildlife is plentiful : you can find bears, tigers, wild boars, gaurs, eagles, calaos and all sorts of birds.
When you explore Ratanakiri it is almost as if you were going back to the origins of mankind.
Nature is superb, landscapes impressive, culture authentic but the trails are broken up, the red dust adheres to your skin and the conditions of life are more difficult. than elsewhere in Cambodia.


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