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Located on the first floor a the building housing both the reception and the boutique, our bar-restaurant enjoys a superb view over the Boeung Kansaign lake and its surroundings, not to mention the sunsets !


The restaurant serves the specialties – sometimes surprising - of the province but it can also cater for less adventurous palates with our Khmer, Chinese and French fares.


A few examples of our Khmer Menu:
Fish salad with lime juice
Beef Hong Kong (sweet & sour sauce with onions)
Fried beef with Cambodian spices
Beef Loc Lac
Beef on the volcano
Sweet & salted pork
Fried chicken with basil leaves
Fried fresh water fish with Cambodian spices
Fish Amok


A few examples of our European Menu:
Salade niçoise
Duck foie gras with toasted baguette bread
Pork head paté in jelly
Burgundy style snails & toasted baguette bread
Andouillette & mashed potatoes or French fries
Beef prime cut & shallot & mashed potatoes or French fries
Beef tongue spicy sauce & steamed potatoes
Coq au vin
Confit of duck leg and steamed potatoes
Onion soup served with grilled bread


In order to start and finish your meals in the best possible way, bear in mind that our bar offers a very wide variety of wines and alcohol...

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